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"Tough" Official Lyric Video

I’ve always taken a hands on approach to my career as an artist. However, this project took it to a whole new level. My good friend, Justin Mayotte “Squeaks” shot and edited the video footage from one of our live performances at The Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, TN. I owe Squeaks an atta boy for the amazing job he did on this video.

When it came time to tackle the lyric portion of the video, I decided I’d take a swing at it myself. I knew absolutely nothing about how to make a lyric video. So, why not? Right? 😃

My decision to take on this project led to many late nights and early mornings. I spent every spare minute of my creative energy learning a new software and making it up as I went. There were several moments during the process I thought, this just ain’t gonna happen.

However, thanks to countless YouTube tutorials and the opportunity to learn on the job, we ended up with what is now the official lyric video for “Tough.”

I couldn’t be happier to share another product of my creative soul with you. I hope you dig it and share it with all of your friends! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to continue to find new ways to express myself through music. Your support means more than you know. As always, thank you doesn’t say enough.

Much love, Doug


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