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Doug Writes #1 Single for Curtis Grimes

Texas country music artist, Curtis Grimes recently celebrated his 9th number one at Texas regional radio with his single, "Still", a song co-written by Doug McCormick, Casey Beathard, and Kenneth Wright.

"I've always been a fan of the red dirt country music. I appreciate the unwavering authenticity this genre of music brings to the table. To have played a role in writing a song that has made such an impact is validating and humbling. As a songwriter, I think that's what you aim for... to impact people with the music you feel in your soul. I was blessed to be in the room with two incredibly talented writers, Casey and Kenneth the day we wrote "Still". I think this song says something we all wanted to say and is one we're really proud off. Hats off to Curtis Grimes for singing the fire out of this one an for believing in it enough to share it with the world!"


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