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Greenville Country Music Fest

Doug took the main stage at Greenville Country Music Fest Saturday, August 31st in Greenville, SC. Other acts on the bill included Old Dominion, Lanco, Fimore, Niko Moon and more.

"It was one of those moments where it all made sense. Country music has been an incredible journey for me. To be honest, most of my career has been a white knuckle grind. However, when me and the band took the stage at Greenville Country Music Fest, it was a "we've made it" moment. I've been lucky enough to cross a lot of things off of my bucket list, but this show was my first "stadium" show. It was everything it's supposed to be... a great time playing the music I believe in. A big thanks to the people who showed up to support us. Also, thank you to all those who made this show possible. I'll always remember this one."


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