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"Dirt Road Dancin'" Video #1 on CMT

The official music video for “Dirt Road Dancin” has held the #1 spot in the CMT 12-Pack Countdown for 3 weeks! Produced by Marshall Altman, the self written, “Dirt Road Dancin” track comes from the, Sweet Dixie Memory EP.

Doug launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund his first ever music video featuring his song, “Dirt Road Dancin”.  The response to Doug’s invitation to his fans to help write the next chapter in his career led to a fully funded campaign in less than two weeks. With a fully funded campaign, Doug teamed up with video director, Matt Blair to bring the vision of the "Dirt Road Dancin" video to life.

"This one will always be special to me. It's my first music video and you never forget your first. As a kid, I would watch CMT on repeat and dream about seeing my own video one day. The people who support my music have made this dream a reality. I'm forever grateful for the overwhelming support we saw with the Kickstarter campaign. However, it didn't stop there. People voted relentlessly to get this video in the number one spot. I'll always remember the ones who made it happen. Thank you all!" - Doug


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